Friday, October 30, 2009

7 Taskbar Tweaker pwns the Windows 7 Taskbar

Finally! We have a TweakUI-like taskbar tweaking tool which allows tweaking the Windows 7 overrated taskbar as we like and not as Microsoft would like us to. Enter 7 Taskbar Tweaker. Bravo!!

-  Lets you keep the jump list on using left mouse click+drag but get back the good old right click context menu.
-  Lets you completely turn off grouping which means if you turn off combining as well (Never combine) your new taskbar is your Quick Launch. This is the real classic taskbar functionality Microsoft chose to limit.
-  Lets you choose what dragging and dropping a file into an application's taskbar button does - whether it'll be pinned to its jumplist or whether pass the document to the application, that is "Open with".
-  Allows you to configure what middle click does - start a new instance (like Shift+click), close the app or focus window.
-  Lets you completely disable the thumbnail previews.
-  Lets you configure the behavior when you click on an app button while switching from another app : whether to directly switch to the last used window or show the thumbnail previews. Many users felt this was the only customizability missing from the taskbar.
-  Lets you disable combining (Never combine), disable grouping yet hide labels.

Thanks to RaMMicHaeL for this. Native 64-bit version also available!

Edit: I couldn't agree more with one of the commenters who said: "It was so annoying how I couldn’t ungroup taskbar icons that were from the same program. Why in hell would microsoft take this feature out from vista? Yes, let’s just arbitrarily take out features. wtf are they high on H?" Unfortunately, that's the direction Microsoft is taking its products in. Every upgrade is a struggle to adapt to changes and compatibility issues.

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