Saturday, August 18, 2012

The complete list of Classic Shell's reviews

What Classic Shell Users Have To Say:

Classic Shell will be essential to my business when W8 is released. Please keep up the great work!
asokasus Sep 26, 2012
You Sir, finally brought back usability to the Start Menu. Thank you so much!
Anonymous Donor Sep 25, 2012
Fantastic job thus far. Keep it up.
Anonymous Donor Sep 21, 2012
Without ClassicShell I would have sticked to WIndows XP! :)
Anonymous Donor Sep 16, 2012
Thank you so, so much for this. Have an awesome weekend.
Anonymous Donor Sep 14, 2012
Thank you... You helped me stay sane. I no longer wish to kill myself when opening Start Menu.
Anonymous Donor Sep 13, 2012
Thanks! Great addon for Windows 8, I don't like the new start screen
Anonymous Donor Sep 10, 2012
Thank you (again) for that life-saver!
Anonymous Donor Sep 8, 2012
Very nice, this will be very popular with us old Win dudes on V8
Anonymous Donor Sep 3, 2012
This is a fantastic project, thanks for the great work!
Anonymous Donor Sep 3, 2012
Thank you for making the Windows 8 Desktop usable again. Shame on Microsoft!
Anonymous Donor Sep 1, 2012
Classic Shell makes Windows 7 more bearable.
Anonymous Donor Aug 31, 2012
You people are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry I can't afford more.)
Anonymous Donor Aug 29, 2012
Good job, makes windows 7 usable, and hopefully win8 as well!
Anonymous Donor Aug 29, 2012
Keep up the great work! I might just keep using Windows 8 now...
Anonymous Donor Aug 28, 2012
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Donor Aug 27, 2012
Great job guys!! Will support more in the future.
Anonymous Donor Aug 26, 2012
Thanks! I wouldn't use Windows 8 without Classic Shell.
Anonymous Donor Aug 25, 2012
Great! Thank you! Anselm
Anonymous Donor Aug 24, 2012
Thanks for freeing me from metro.
Anonymous Donor Aug 22, 2012
Thank you for this best program!!!
Anonymous Donor Aug 21, 2012
Anonymous Donor Aug 19, 2012
You have saved my sanity. I recently switched from XP to Win7 and I was so frustrated. THANK YOU!
Keep up the good work!
Anonymous Donor Aug 18, 2012
This make Windows 8 usable great job on this program
Anonymous Donor Aug 18, 2012
Indispensable for Windows 8 - bypass of Metro screen is beyond price!
Anonymous Donor Aug 18, 2012
Great product, needed to make Windows 8 work!
Anonymous Donor Aug 18, 2012
Makes Windows 8 so much nicer to use, thank you, keep up the good work!
Anonymous Donor Aug 18, 2012