Monday, October 11, 2010

Zune software 4.7 is getting bloated

So the new Zune software 4.7 released today and as is the trend these days at Microsoft, they are tying Windows Phone 7 and Zune brands together. Windows Mobile Device Center is dead. If you own a Windows Phone 7-based device, you must download the bloated 551 MB software. Why is it 551 MB I ask? Probably because it now includes Windows Phone 7 device drivers (both x86 and x64 versions) and other eye-candy as well for Windows Phone including the app store support. What use do I have for it with only a Zune HD? This is a perfect example of choice being taken away for Zune-only customers. The Zune software should have been left to do only what it originally did. Windows Phone spoils the experience for me. Sure, updating from the existing version is fast, some are saying but what if I have to reformat and reinstall Windows? 551 MB of bloat in unacceptable if I just want to sync my Zune HD with my PCs. Windows Phone may be a great phone platform but why does Microsoft not have a separate "Windows Phone" software to do whatever the "Zune" software does?

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