Thursday, December 23, 2010

Whose idea was it really to axe DreamScene?

Ever since I upgraded my Windows Vista PC to Windows 7, I miss DreamScene a lot. Why is DreamScene not available on Windows 7? Is there any sane reason or clarification for this from Microsoft? Everyone just says it has been replaced by Windows 7 desktop slideshow. Hello? Is a slideshow the same thing as a video? It's like upgrading to a car with a better engine but finding the new car doesn't have an integrated stereo system any more. Why can't Windows 7 have the better features of Windows Vista? I expected Microsoft to do something about this. Maybe an out-of-band update? That would be a great Christmas present.

And don't tell me about that ugly hack. Not only does do horrid things to desktop icon labels, but Explorer crashes sporadically after installing it.

Here's an idea Microsoft: If you think DreamScene was a waste of system resources, why not let it live as a screensaver? Is there a decent video screensaver app?

The Bing team keeps churning out animated backgrounds using HTML5 once in a while to tease you and make you jealous but you can't have that experience on your desktop because MS likes to dictate what you can use and remove any feature at any time, not caring a damn about users.

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